Sunday, April 27, 2008

the submerged

I finished the illustration, so I thought I would post it here (seeing, it probably won't be updated to the website until I have one or two more new ones)... I can nitpick a lot of things about it, and there are things that are wrong with it. But there you have it.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

submerged wip

So I've been Internetless for a few days now, and it feels pretty cruddy. I need to go to school to use their computers (what I'm doing now), and there's barely anyone here because it's apparently summer already...
Aside from not having the net or another week or so (or maybe more), I've been working on the illustration for the lineart drawing that I posted in the last post (even though I like the lineart the way it is).
I have pictures!

I have this bad tendency to work on my bed, even though I have two tables in my room... but yes. There shall be jellyfish in this illustration.

That is all.

Monday, April 21, 2008

submerged gamer

Something I doodled in my sketchbook while waiting for my turn in class. I plan on making this into a full illustration soon, and have already painted the background for it... I guess I'll just see how it goes.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


So I drew these bugs for a school assignment where we had to do a movie poster... I printed these out and transferred them onto painted cardboard etcetc
I thought I would just link them up here. most of them are identical because I copy/pasted them...

Thursday, April 17, 2008


So for my Sequential Narrative 2 class, we were to think of and finish a project that you initiated yourself, and it would then be a semester-long thing that you need to work on. You were pretty open to do whatever you wanted, as long as it was sequential....
I just wish I did something more with this than what I did... but anywho (that's what summer's for)

I did a comic thing that involved random events of four people's lives, which ultimately end up all tying together. Most of the comics involve the characters talking to themselves, which end up being a catalyst to the other events in the other character's lives... weird to explain.
I also did the panels in a way that the "cameras" are stationary, while the characters are the only things in the panels moving. I guess that sounds boring (and lots of copying frames), but drawing the subtle movements in the characters was fun... sort of...

I learned that binding by hand is actually pretty fun. It looks nice, but the story inside is lacking...

slightly more recent

I really liked how this onion turned out with watercolour...

Ink brush stuff

Some birds in ink and marker

old doodles

Some old stuff from my sketchbook/notebook... a few months old

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

starting this up

So I thought that maybe I should start posting roughs and sketches again in a blog-format.
This way I will be able to document my process and, in a way, organize myself.