Sunday, August 31, 2008

One Week

Long time no write! Mostly due to the fact that I was back home in Ottawa for most of the month.
I thought I'd just post to say that I'm not dead yet

There's only one more week till school starts again, and it's kind of unnerving, seeing it's the last year at OCAD (but I also happen to look forward to going back to school again). I've finally started writing my three thesis proposals, but actually typing up my ideas (as opposed to thinking about it in my head) really make my ideas seem bland and mundane. It also brings up the fact that most of my ideas are still so vague and that I really need to hone in on it a bit more and flesh it out... I don't even have proper examples to give for each of them yet. Time's running out!

So when I was in Ottawa, I went through a lot of my old sketchbooks and drawings I did since childhood all the way to before I came to OCAD... It's really interesting to see what I do and don't do anymore, and it's kind of a shame, because I seemed to have lost a lot of quirky ideas since I started going to art school. The way I draw people changed as well (very expressive body language), so hopefully I'll be able to go back to some of my old methods, because I miss those times. That's what summer should have been for... but now it's too late.

Anyways, it's time to go back to work.