Tuesday, September 23, 2008

random sketches

For fun sake, I thought I would post two of my roughs that I submitted with my thesis proposal...This one was for my old thesis proposal that got semi-rejected.

aaaand, a sketch that I attached to my approved thesis idea

That is all.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

drawing class and thesis

For my first Drawing and Painting class, we were supposed to use black and white to depict a random painting/image... So this is a horribly rendered version of J. Alden Weir's "Face Reflected in a Mirror" in acrylic on random board. The proportions are so very wrong.....
So that's that.

Thesis is a complete stress factor at the moment, mostly because the profs sent us a mass email pretty much saying that our ideas were a big disappointment. I guess it hits closer to home because I know I could have probably done better and utilized the time over the summer more efficiently for it. The one-on-ones are tomorrow (Wednesday), so then I'll be able to hear all the bad things about my ideas. But until then, I've been sort of rethinking my ideas and all the bad points about it and how I can maybe make it better, and also thinking of newer ideas in case all my ideas were all rejected to the core. But I think the initial reaction of "OHGODI'MSCREWED" is gone, but it's still slightly there.

So I guess I'll see tomorrow....