Friday, October 31, 2008

More thesis

Emotion: Anticipation
Situation: Waiting during pregnancy
"Wish to see you soon"

Emotion: Awe
Situation: First riding a bike by yourself
"Wish you could see this too"

So I think I'll actually type up my thesis...
It is:
Postcards that depict little life situations that are ruled by emotions, using imagery that is usually found on postcards.

... yup
the next one I'm working on is "Love", with "lost love". Gary Taxali, my thesis prof, took out a part of the illustration that heavily implies a bad breakup, and instead suggested I put in something that is more subtle (which was originally in the rough anyways)... I guess because there will be text near the actual illustration when it's presented, it might compute and make sense being so simple...
Or that's what I'm hoping anyways.

Oh right...
Aside from, I also snatched the domain, so I'll be updating the website soon. There won't be a lot of change, but I'll also be mirroring the two domain names together, so it doesn't matter if someone looks me up using my internet name (nawafiai), or my actual name (miki sato)


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


"Hoping you are well" - Fear for a loved one

It's my first final illustration piece done for thesis this year. There were some (aka LOTS) of things wrong with the "Anticipation" one I started and showed in the last entry, so I'm going to be redoing it (or cropping it... depending on which looks better).

Maybe I should actually write about what my thesis is about... but I think I'll do that in another post.

so for now, ciaooo

Sunday, October 05, 2008


To put it quickly: this is a WIP for the first illustration due on Wednesday for thesissssssss.
The colour of the background took ages for me to become satisfied with. Satisfaction mostly due to the fact that I like how the orange goes with it.

Time to mess it up!