Saturday, December 20, 2008

and I'm back

Well, I never really left... but I'm finally here to post something.

Emotion: Love
Situation: Lost love (long distance relationships)
"Wish you were here"

I actually have two other ones done, but I had to hand it in to my thesis teacher for marking. So I won't be able to get it scanned in until after school starts again.


  1. ditch3:30 AM

    You ever know someone when they're little and you don't see them until years later and have that, "Whoa! You've grown a LOT!" reaction? That's what it's kinda like seeing your new art stuffs. I was just browsing through my bookmarks and found a bunch of pictures and such from back when I hung around CCC. I followed a few links to find here, where it seems you've been recently. I pretty much just wanted to say hi.


    Hi. ^_^


  2. poyoyoyoyoy6:02 PM

    hmmm love the yellow to green gradient. Fitting for the mood as well. that warmth of love and that slightly cold feeling of loneliness for the distance. Very nice ^^ The chairs look like symbols too haha would be cool if they meant something XD
    good job~!


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