Thursday, March 05, 2009

paper beats internet

I'm currently taking a course at OCAD dealing with the new directions in pictorial design, integrating type/design with illustration. I had Mikey Richardson as an instructor in the first half of the course (wherein I did the assignments with Sleepy Hollow and the Honda Mascot, which I posted in this blog), and Graham Roumieu for the last half.

During Graham's half of teaching we are doing a sort of experiment for the rest of the year involving the current internet phenomenon: social networking sites... except with a twist.

Like in places like Facebook and Twitter, we are to update thoughts/questions/statements, or just what we're currently doing at the time, but not using generic typed up text... we are to illustrate images with integrated type to describe what we want.
You will be able to start your own topics, or comment on other people's topics with more images, developing a sort of collaborative narrative.

Sounds weird? Probably. But it also sounds awesome.

All of this would be updated and posted on a website soon to be made (at

I'll probably also post my entries here as well, just for kicks.

Can't wait

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