Monday, April 06, 2009


"I understand"
Emotion: Acceptance
Situation: Stopping daydreams and seeing reality

"I can do it"
Emotion: Joy
Situation: Pursuit of a passion

And that's all folks! The salmon-hair one was the last of my thesis series!

I still have things left to do for thesis though (review statement, and fixing up parts in one illust) so it doesn't feel like it's done and over with. Not to mention, I still have to get my website up and ready for Tuesday, and make a promotion proposal too. I also have another week left for the Paper Beats Internet.

After doing thesis for 8 months, I think I'm ready to do something on my own during the summer. I plan on making it BIG with lots of details. We'll see how it goes : )


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  1. Wow! I just found your work on

    and I just love it. You've got such great ideas for illustrations, and the results are really unique and beautiful. I think the fishes are my favorite.


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