Monday, April 20, 2009

moving and old stuffs

Long time no write (well, it feels like a long time). I'm actually in the middle of moving, hence the very limited posts. I've been going through all of my old school work that's been piling up for 4 years.
I thought I would post up some old school assignments I did all the way in first year. Excuse me for the bad webcam quality...

I still remember working on this assignment and pulled an all-nighter to just finish it. The professor at the time really pushed the use of rubber cement, so that's what I used to put this together (and most of the assignments in first year).
Because of over-using it in a non ventilated room (and that stuff is pretty toxic), whenever I smell rubber cement now, it aggravates the back of my throat...

I was really happy with this one, but in a last minute decision (probably feeling slightly lucid from not sleeping much), I cut out the smaller rectangular middle part.
Seems like it was a mistake because even though I tried to justify my decision to the teacher, I don't think she really understood my logic behind it.... Looking back on it now, neither do I.

Along with the use of rubber cement, some teachers told us to use gouache, so I used it for mostly all of my first year assignments. You would think that I would have gotten the hang of using it after a year, but I never really did.

At the moment I have bags full of old assignments, artwork and life drawings surrounding my door, so it's a bit hard to get in and out. I'm planning on going to IKEA tomorrow to pick out furniture for my new place, and will be moving out next week : )

Time goes by waaaaay too fast.

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  1. aghhh i hate first year assignments!
    i did sososo bad
    hope you had a smooth move!


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