Sunday, May 31, 2009

may 27 - may 31

Just been wandering around Tokyo for the past few days. Mostly been seeking out bookstores and looking through their art/design/illustration sections.
Even tomorrow I'll be going to a "bookstore neighbourhood" in Central Tokyo to see what sort of stuff they have.

Some of my loot:

Some books and MUJI pens. I needed to stock up again on them, seeing all of mine disappeared when my luggage got stolen...

I've been holding back on buying all sorts of books, but maybe I should just splurge.

Moar photos here

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

may 20 - may 26

So lots of stuff happened between when I last updated. I haven't had much access to the interwebs for the past few days to post anything, hence the sparseness.

Bad news is that my luggage is still MIA, but good news is that I got a new suitcase and new clothes. I still grieve about the stuff I lost though.

After my time in Fukuoka, we stayed in Hiroshima for one night, and on the next day we came to Tokyo. I've only gone to a few places in Tokyo (like Akihabara and Ikebukuro), but I figure that I'm going to be spending the rest of my time here in Tokyo, so might as well not do everything at once.
Very early this morning, we went to Tsukiji, the fish market. Very scary, mostly because of the fear of getting run over by fishermen on car-like things. Afterwards, we totally passed out and wasted a day inside...

It's about 2am right now, and we're going to the Ghibli museum tomorrow early in the morning, so I don't have much time to upload any pictures right now... But then again, I haven't really been taking them since I got to Tokyo, but I'll upload some eventually (and possibly drawings I've done in my sketchbook, seeing that these posts were originally supposed to be about posting them).

Japanese tv <3

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 18 - May 19

Something fun happened... and by fun, I mean not.

On the 17th, we were on the bullet train to get to Fukuoka. It was a 3 hour ride, so all of us just passed out at our seats.
When it was our stop, we went to go get our luggage, and mine was missing :D
We went to the police and I had to fill out some forms about what sort of things were in it and such, and we're hoping that someone took it by accident and I'll be getting it back....... but I doubt it.

nooo, my money, my clothes, my toiletriesss
I'm just glad that my passport wasn't in there. Then there would have been more of a problem.

But it still sucks :(

Sunday, May 17, 2009

may 15 - may 17

So it's our last day in Kyoto! Tomorrow we're heading to Fukuoka, a small city in the south on the Kyushu island. It's a short distance away by bus to a place called Saga city, where I visited a lot as a child because grandparents live there.

The past three days, I've gone to a lot of more touristy places in Kyoto, Nara etc.

In Kyoto, we went to Kinkakuji (then Golden Pavilion), Kyomizudera, and a rock garden called Ryoanji.
There was a lot of construction going on in a lot of the places we were going to, maybe because it's spring time?

On May 16th, we went to Nara, known for their deer park!
It was lightly drizzling, so all the deer were slightly damp. We fed them some deer biscuits and got headbutted by those who wanted more.
On the way back we bought some Mister Doughnuts

May 17th, we walked to the Kyoto International Manga Museum. It had walls full of old and new manga where the visitors can sit down and read all they like. They had a small special exhibition for Moebius as well.

After that, we headed to a place West from the center of Kyoto to a place called Arashi-yama. There, we climbed a steep mountain to get to a place where wild monkeys come and lounge. It was drizzling this day too, so like the deer, the monkeys were damp.
We were specifically told not to stare at the monkeys.
Also took a stroll through a bamboo forest.

It's a shame that it was so wet these past two days, but monkeys and deers make it all better!

More photos here!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

may 13th - may 14th (japan)

It doesn't feel like I'm in Japan at all...

So yesterday I landed in Narita, Japan at around 3:30pm after spending 13 hours on an airplane. Because of the Swine flu business, we had to stay on the plane for a little while longer while people came aboard with thermal cameras and a face mask for everyone.

After going through customs and picking up our luggage, we went on another plane (about a one hour flight) to get to Osaka. Woo.
Except it wasn't all that bad. We had crazy seats that can completely recline into a bed position and everything inbetween. It's too bad that the flight only lasted about an hour.

We stayed at a hostel near a subway station, and I definitely slept well that night.

I woke up at around 6am, ate some toast, took a shower, watched some people going to work/school through the window, and then we went off to the core of Osaka.
The place is called Namba, and it houses some touristy locations like the giant moving crab display, and the Glico man.
We also ate some delicious Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki.

At the end of the day, we picked up our luggage and headed towards Kyoto (where I am now). We're staying here for 4 nights... Tomorrow, we either go feed deer at Nara, or laze around in Kyoto and look around the area. For me the last two days felt very hectic.

more photos of the trip here!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

going somewhere

Hi guys, I just wanted to quickly say that I'll be heading off to Japan from today (May 12th) til June 10th!!

SO, this blog will probably be used as a travel blog of sorts until I come back to Canada. I'm also bringing a sketchbook, so you may expect some photographs and some drawings I did in that said sketchbook.

I originally had some images to post here as well, but I seemed to have misplaced my SD card D:

Anyways... I'm still not really packed, so I should really go and do that now

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

business cards and framing

YES! I have internet again~
It's nice to be able to leisurely and pointlessly browse the web for hours.

But aside from that, the past few days I have been getting ready for the 94th OCAD Grad show that I blogged about in the previous post to this one.

I snapped a few pictures of some of the things like framing and business cards, so I thought I would post them here.

This is the kind of framing I did for my illustrations. I'm displaying all my originals which are sandwiched between two plexiglass, both for protection and because it just looks cool.

Just a stack of my illustrations all framed up and ready to mount.
Underneath the pile is my first attempt at making business cards... which failed miserably.

So I came up with this
I printed my business cards on some paper, and then I'm now in the process of sewing (via sewing machine) the paper to canvas, and then I cut each card out of the print. Sadly it's a bit too flimsy for me, but there's no turning back now! (for now)

I haven't gotten a picture of my actual setup, but I'll make sure to do it at some point.

Friday, May 01, 2009

OCAD 94th Annual Graduate Exhibition!

Hello all, I've recently been getting ready for the 94th Grad Exhibition at OCAD which is happening from May 7th to the 10th! (Click here for more information)
Definitely check it out if you're in the Toronto area! The illustration section can be found on the 6th floor.

For those who can't make it, never fear. This year a website was created solely for the purpose of displaying illustrations that were produced this thesis year. There's a lot of awesome stuff, so go ahead and click on the link:OCAD Illustration Exhibition 09

I'm currently still living out of boxes because of my move, so it might take me some time to settle down, but I will post photos of my progress of making my business cards and frames for the Grad show.

Till then~