Sunday, May 17, 2009

may 15 - may 17

So it's our last day in Kyoto! Tomorrow we're heading to Fukuoka, a small city in the south on the Kyushu island. It's a short distance away by bus to a place called Saga city, where I visited a lot as a child because grandparents live there.

The past three days, I've gone to a lot of more touristy places in Kyoto, Nara etc.

In Kyoto, we went to Kinkakuji (then Golden Pavilion), Kyomizudera, and a rock garden called Ryoanji.
There was a lot of construction going on in a lot of the places we were going to, maybe because it's spring time?

On May 16th, we went to Nara, known for their deer park!
It was lightly drizzling, so all the deer were slightly damp. We fed them some deer biscuits and got headbutted by those who wanted more.
On the way back we bought some Mister Doughnuts

May 17th, we walked to the Kyoto International Manga Museum. It had walls full of old and new manga where the visitors can sit down and read all they like. They had a small special exhibition for Moebius as well.

After that, we headed to a place West from the center of Kyoto to a place called Arashi-yama. There, we climbed a steep mountain to get to a place where wild monkeys come and lounge. It was drizzling this day too, so like the deer, the monkeys were damp.
We were specifically told not to stare at the monkeys.
Also took a stroll through a bamboo forest.

It's a shame that it was so wet these past two days, but monkeys and deers make it all better!

More photos here!

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  1. Cool. I was in Nara last month. Great place. I have some photos of our visit as well. Feel free to see. :D


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