Sunday, August 23, 2009

be right back

I'll be (yet again) going somewhere for about a week. This is probably the last time in a long time.
I'll be going to Hawaii! It's my first time, but I don't really do well with hot weather, so I hope it goes okay...

So because of that, I'm not going to be able to do the next Illustration Friday, which is too bad.

Oh, another thing.
You guys should have fun playing with Translation Party.
You type in a phrase (nothing too long, or it doesn't work) and then it proceeds to translate it into Japanese, then back to English, then to Japanese etc. until it reaches a point of equilibrium where it can't translate anymore.

I tried it on my bio I have on my website, just to see what happens...
This is what I got...

Toronto, Canada, is working on a freelance illustrator living in Miki Sato. Surface layer, optical fiber, found in her mixed media create a unique part of three-dimensional and tactile. Ontario karejji obu ato ando dezain She is a graduate degree in the figure.


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