Friday, December 04, 2009

etsy crafts

Aaaand I'm back with some new stuff. It's mostly crafty things.

I made these 3D magnets in the shape of mushrooms! The tops are made from needle felting undyed wool, and the stems have a core of polymer clay and wrapped with canvas.
You can buy some at my Etsy store if you're interested!

Needle felting is something I just recently started. It's where you take a barbed needle and stab wool many many times until it starts to felt due to the wool inside tangling up.

And these are some of the other things I've been doing.
To the left was my first needle felting attempt, and to the right is a keychain that I put together for a friend in Germany : )


  1. The mushrooms are sooo cute! I can't believe how professional they look after you just began needle felting. I've never done it, but I bet it would get really frustrated and abandon it.

    Congratulations on your spotlighting, as well!

  2. Those mushroom magnets are marvelous! What a wonderful idea. :) (I followed a link from


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