Saturday, December 12, 2009

time lapse and live stream

Recently I got myself a webcam to start doing some live streaming and time lapse videos of myself working. The quality isn't superb, but hopefully it's interesting enough.

Today I'll be finally starting a live stream of myself working on a final illustration.
It's about 9:30 EST right now, and I'll possibly be on until midnight EST (or more!)
Here's the link!
The schedule on how much I'll be on the air is pretty random, but I may announce it like what I'm doing now.

I'll be working on some flower illustrations that will be eventually be up for sale in my store.
Here's just a quick time lapsed video of me sketching out the flowers:

You can see my other videos when you go to my Vimeo account.
There isn't much now, but I'll hopefully keep this up to fill it with more videos of finals.

So drop on by?
I probably won't be chatting though.

When I'm done with them, I'll be time lapsing it like what I did with the roughs.

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